Is it terminal?
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Author:  belchingmatt [ Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Is it terminal?


I've got an HP laptop running Windows 8 that refuses to boot. BIOS checks suggest a failed HDD. I've run a bootable Ubuntu distro, and Drive and Gparted can see the disk but it is unmountable, and SMART check shows up a failed drive.

However, Gparted shows the disk having 6 partitions and only 3 of those have warnings (although the one with the data I want has a warning). Is anyone able to confirm if this is a terminal failure, or if there are options can suggest to me the next route to take.

Having trouble physically removing it at the moment, so haven't been able to see if it will run externally. No need to try further if it is terminal.


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