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Migrating from Aperture to Photos - it’s worrying 
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I’m thinking about biting the bullet. I expect Aperture (Apple’s abandoned photo management software) will be non-functional eventually, so I thought I’d see what Photos did. From what I have read, the documentation says that Photos will convert your Aperture folder, and both apps will share original files & resources. OK, so the *impact* of Photos on my HD will be small.

So, I kick off with a backup of my Aperture folder on a second HD. Photos needs to convert/migrte the folder. This takes ages and ages, actually an overnight job. When I get back in the morning, I find that I have two libraries. The Aperture one and a Photos one. I wonder how big the Photos library is.

Well, shock and horror, it’s actually BIGGER than the Aperture one. I was thinking that it would be just a few GB, but, no. Finder reports it as 300 GB.

This seems wrong. I check inside the Photos library, and, yes, it appears to have copies of all the images - even the RAW ones. That’s a massive duplication job.

I did more reading. On Stack Exchange, they are saying that there are all “hard links” - files that are references that point to the original data. I kind of don’t trust this, as on one hand people are saying that these hard links amkunt to nothing but a new entry in the directory. On the other hand, Finder isn’t reporting it in that way.

So, I check with Daisy Disk. Daisy Disk actually shows the real usage on the HD as this:

I put both libraries in a folder, did a Get Info on it, and Finder added the two lots of data up.

Right now, not sure what to believe. Finder? Daisy Disk? What will happen if I let Photos convert my Library on my main HD, which only has around 300GB free? Will the OS let it happen, or is there a problem with file size reporting?

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