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What's on your mind right now? 
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John_Vella wrote:
oceanicitl wrote:
big_D wrote:
No, just ironic.

Still don't get it. They're two completely different things. Or am I not supposed to mention women's clothing as this is a male dominated forum? :roll:

I'm guessing it would have been more ironic if you'd said that you took your bra off on the train. :| :)

That would be one way of emptying the carriage and getting a seat. Thanks for that. I'll make a mental note the next time they send a 4 carriage train :lol:

Still the official cheeky one ;)

jonbwfc wrote:
Caz is correct though

Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:21 am
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Screens. Window screens.

We don]t have double glazing. It]s a bit of a magnet for the foot warrior with some UPVC to offload. They tend on bang on the door and tell us that our “glazing is incomplete”. We’re maintaining the original Crittal glazing in the house. The frames are narrower, and they look right. The houses were designed with those in mind.

What we also have is secondary glazing - these are extra panes of glass in frames that sit behind the main windows. When they are closed, they really hold in the heat. Nice for the winter. It’s also nice to be able to open them, or even take them out in the summer. A news item this week said that we’d be getting more heatwaves, and that houses need to have more flexible insulation that can cope with hotter summers. Right now, all that cold weather insulation is working against people.

Anyway, my thoughts were that we need to think a bit more about how we handle the glazing here, and my idea is to adopt a more continental approach. We can‘t fit shutters to the house, but what we could do is use the secondary glazing runners to house a shutter-like system inside the window frame. That will let us open windows fully, but have a screen that will block a lot of the sun, as well as stop cats deciding to get out onto first floor window ledges. One of our cars is elderly, and has always been a little clumsy. He’ll fall off. I just know he will.

So my thoughts would be to get some wood, cut to the size of the secondary glazing, make some kind of patterned piercing and install those in place of the secondary glazing for the summer. The outward facing would be a glass white to reflect heat away from the house, inside could be black or a darker colour. They would certainly help in the night when we have windows mostly closed to keep the cats in.

OBVOIUSLY we’d not leave them in place with windows open when we go out, but even closed, the screens would reflect a lot of heat away.

So my idea of screens seems like one that could have wings - we’ll be giving that some thought I think. I’ve not made any yet because the hot weather has been way too much for me - but I’ll be planning ahead.

(Note: we keep the cats in now at night. Out elderly cat has been losing fights, and Easter day 2017 he limped in one morning on three lags. That was an emergency vet visit, then finding out that the emergency vet’s treatment wasn’t that good when I took him to the regular vets . They didn’t seem that impressed with the attention he got. Anyway, he’s OK now, but there are foxes, some brutal bastard feral cats about, and it’s not good that he loses fights like that. So cats are in over night now. They don’t like it, but tough.)

All the best,
brataccas wrote:
your posts are just combo chains of funny win

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Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:12 am
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If I had the cash, I'd go for electrochromatic glass - press a switch and the panes go dark, obscuring light transmission but allowing windows to still open in the normal way.

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Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:17 am
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